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Tree Removal

Removing a tree is often a difficult decision and it is best to seek advice from a qualified arborist and your local council before doing so. Some of the main causes for tree removal are:

  • Pests which have rendered a tree structurally unsound
  • Danger to an environment and the people in it
  • Rot, decay or disease
  • Tree is too big for its current location
  • Tree is considered a noxious species
  • Tree has weather damage
  • Tree is causing structural damage to property
  • New development and land clearing
  • Tree has exceeded a safe useful life execpectancy

All Coast Tree Service specialises in removing trees in tight and confined spaces. Our qualified climbers have extensive experience in large scale tree removals and high access work. Most trees are removed by sectional takedown using roping techniques, pulleys and mechanical lowering devices or by felling where appropriate.

In some situations cranes are used to help remove sections of the tree where access is poor or where power lines are in close proximity to the tree. All material is recycled and can be reused as wood chip or leaf mulch, as timber for firewood, or even for woodturning.